Local Rules

•Golf Canada rules govern all play, unless specified otherwise
•Out of bounds defined by fence lines or white stakes
•Water hazards defined by yellow stakes
•Lateral water hazards defined by red stakes
•Target markers defined by checkered stakes
•Line of sight relief defined as buildings, sheds and staked trees
•All fescue areas are to be treated as a lateral hazard
•Area to the left of hole 17 is designated as a waste bunker and not a hazard
•Please observe daily cart rules. Carts must be kept off of mounds and away from fescue areas. Carts must be kept on paths around all tees and greens

Outside Alcohol

Consuming alcoholic beverages not purchased at Hunters Pointe is a violation of provincial law and is therefore prohibited. Guests found to be in possession of outside alcohol will be removed from the facility immediately without refund of fees paid and future playing privileges may be suspended. Hunters Pointe reserves the right to confiscate any and all outside alcohol, search the property of guests and prohibit further play of guests.

Dress Code

Proper dress code is in effect on the golf course at all times, unless deemed otherwise by Hunters Pointe management. Shirts must have a collar (mock or other), no denim, cut off shorts, track pants or other garments of that nature. Proper footwear must be worn. Soft spike rule in effect. All dress code uncertainties will be left to the sole discretion of Hunters Pointe and violations will prohibit play on the golf course.

Tee Times

Guests of the club are afforded 6 day advance tee time booking privileges. Groups consisting of twelve or more players may reserve outside of this window, pending prior management approval. A valid credit card and phone number are required for all guest reservations.

Tee Time Cancellations

Tee times must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance and 48 hours in advance for bookings of twelve players or more. If the cancellation policy is not adhered to, the individual responsible for the reservation will be charged the corresponding public green fee rate for all bookings made in their name.


All guests must check-in at the Pro Shop to receive a playing receipt for all services before proceeding to the first tee. If a guest arrives at the first tee without a playing receipt, they will be asked to return to the Pro Shop for proper check-in.

Pace of Play

All guests must play the tee that is most appropriate for their ability and at all times keep pace with the group playing immediately ahead of them. Course marshals, in their sole discretion, may determine if a group is out of position. Groups out of position will be asked to speed up play and catch the group ahead of them. If a group has not returned to proper position after two holes of play, the group must pick up their golf balls and move to the proper position. If a group remains consistently out of position, they will be removed from the golf course. Course marshals are empowered to execute the pace of play policy. Failure to follow a marshal’s instruction or harassment of any kind will result in the entire group being removed from the course without refund and/or suspension of future playing privileges.
Hole by Hole Pace of Play Time Par

Handicap Flags

Under certain circumstances, guests with a disability or medically related condition may receive handicap flag privileges. In order to obtain a handicap flag, a guest must produce a doctor’s note or handicapped parking permit to a management representative in advance of the day of play. Grantees will be issued handicap flag privileges that are valid for the duration of the current golf season. Hunters Pointe may withdraw/deny handicap flag privileges at any time. While a handicap flag grants a golfer exemption from daily/normal cart rules, the following restrictions still apply:
•Carts may not be driven on or between greens and sand traps
•Carts may not be driven within twenty feet of greens and/or approaches
•Carts must stay on paths when parked on or at tees
•Carts may not be driven into roped areas
•Handicap flag privileges are extended to the cardholder only, not their playing partners
•Cardholders shall be aware of turf conditions and take care to reduce damage
•When Hunters Pointe is operating under a cart path only policy due to abnormal ground conditions, handicap flag privileges may not be available

Rain Checks

Rain checks will only be issued in the event of poor weather conditions or medically related circumstances. All other extenuating factors, including pace of play, will not warrant the issuance of a rain check. Rain checks will be issued in the form of a monetary value based on the value of the green fee and cart (if applicable) purchased. An eighteen hole rain check will be issued to members/groups who have played less than nine holes, a nine hole rain check will be issued to members/groups who have played more than nine holes, while no rain check will be issued to members/groups who have played more than sixteen holes. Group bookings of more than twelve people are subject to tournament/event rain check policies, as outlined in the group outing information package.


All guests are expected to conduct themselves in a way that is befitting of a lady/gentleman and hereby agree to abide by all policies established by Hunters Pointe. Any intentional/unintentional breach of golf club policies or behaviour deemed to be inappropriate or offensive by Hunters Pointe may result in automatic removal from Hunters Pointe without refund and/or suspension of future playing privileges.


Guests are responsible and held fully accountable for any and all property damages that they may intentionally or unintentionally cause while on the premises, and agree to allow Hunters Pointe to debit their credit card for any and all replacement charges and/or other related expenses, including but not limited to, labour costs and repair.

Health & Safety

Every guest must protect his or her own health and safety by acting in compliance with the law and with the safe practices and procedures established by Hunters Pointe. Safety concerns of any kind must be brought to the attention of a management representative immediately. Any behaviour that is found to be in violation of Hunters Pointe Health and Safety Policy will not be tolerated and may result in suspension of future playing privileges.


All members, guests and employees of Hunters Pointe deserve an environment that is free of harassment, offensive behaviour and discrimination on the basis of race, ancestry, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family status or disability. Any behaviour that is found to constitute harassment or discrimination will not be tolerated. Such conduct will be dealt with in a manner consistent with the club Harassment and/or Workplace Violence Policies.
Workplace Harassment Policy
Workplace Violence Policy

Highway 406

Warning. Do not hit your golf ball towards Hwy. #406 that is located to the right of holes #3 and #4. Failure to keep your golf ball on Hunters Pointe property could result in serious injury or death to motorists on Hwy. #406 for which you will be held solely responsible. If you cannot comply with this warning, please skip these holes and proceed immediately to hole #5.


Hunters Pointe reserves the right in its sole discretion to disallow any person or group from play on the golf course (a tee time does not guarantee acceptance/playing privileges). Conditions for acceptance are established by Hunters Pointe and are subject to change.


All guests consent to allow Hunters Pointe to send commercial electronic messages (CEM) to their registered email address and phone number. All CEM will be sent on behalf of Hunters Pointe; 1276304 Ontario Inc., operating as LochNess Links. Guests may choose to no longer receive CEM at any time by using the unsubscribe mechanism contained within all messages, or by contacting us directly. Guests agree to allow Hunters Pointe to use images of them participating in activities at the restaurant, clubhouse, course, facility or any other function related to Hunters Pointe in marketing, publications, advertising media and all other promotional material.

Release & Indemnity

Guests hereby release and forever discharge Hunters Pointe and its subsidiaries, employees, suppliers, agents and representatives (collectively referred to as the ‘Releasees’) from any and all manner of actions, causes of action, suits, debts, dues, accounts, contracts, claims and/or demands whatsoever which they, their heirs, executors, administrators, representatives, successors or assigns have or may hereafter have, arising in any manner out of their participation at Hunters Pointe including, without limitation, participation in or as a spectator of any other related or unrelated event. Guests additionally release and forever discharge the Releasees from any and all liability that they or their abovementioned affiliates may now or hereafter have, for any and all loss, damage, misfortune, accident, expense and cost that they may incur and/or sustain, including but not limited to all bodily injuries, death, loss of property and/or property damage, whether caused by the negligence of the Releasees, or any of them, and/or otherwise arising in any way out of their participation at Hunters Pointe including, without limitation, participation in or as a spectator of any other related or unrelated event.

Modification of this Agreement

Hunters Pointe reserves the right at all times to discontinue or modify any part of this Agreement as we deem necessary or desirable. Any and all changes will be effective immediately. Amendments will be published online at prior to changes taking effect. We suggest that you revisit our Club Policies from time to time to ensure that you stay informed of any such notifications of changes. Your use of Hunters Pointe after we update these Club Policies will constitute acceptance of the modified Club Policies.